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Meganir Engineering Company

Energy Services Design, engineering consulting and supervision, BMS Automation and Smart Home

Meganir Engineering Company


Meganir (Private Joint Stock Company) was established in 2011 by a group of graduates of prestigious universities in the country.

This company has a certificate of This company has a certificate of consulting competence in the field of power distribution from the country's program and budget organization.


Meganir Engineering Company (Moj Gostar Afagh Niroo) in the field of services related to energy, design, engineering consulting and supervision, as well as automation and BMS smart homes, has started extensive activities since 2011 ...


The main mission of Meganir Company is to increase the level of employers' satisfaction Providing committed services in a specified time, collecting and publishing the output of the company's experiences in each project, entering foreign markets and developing business fields ...


Meganir Company's projects such as visibility of DG power plants, consumption management and energy audit, is a network studies project, in the field of consumption management correction management courses, Meganir has taken effective steps ...

About Company

Meganir Engineering Company was established in 2011 by a group of graduates of prestigious universities in the country and is part of the list of energy services companies of the Renewable Energy and Electricity Productivity Organization (SATBA) ...

Design, engineering consulting and supervision

Meganir Engineering Company

Meganir Engineering Company has taken basic steps in this field by using efficient experts in the field of renewable energy, design, construction and consulting in the field of solar and wind power plants.

  • Providing equipment and services in the field of renewable energy and solar energy systems
  • Providing consulting and design services in the use and installation of required tools and equipment for the use of solar energy
  • Implementation and implementation of water heating systems and solar chillers
  • Providing consulting and design services for wind and solar power plants
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Ratings and licenses

  • Ranked Energy Services from the Organization of Renewable Energy and Electricity Efficiency (SATBA)
  • Basic rank 3: Technical and engineering services, audit and energy consumption management
  • Member of Energy Service Companies (ESCO)
  • Has a license to establish a technical and engineering unit from the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, in the field of electricity and power plants
  • Certificate of competence in the field of power distribution from the Program and Budget Organization

Executive Goals Of The Company

  • Emphasis on projects with the best type of products and the lowest possible cost
  • Performing engineering projects in various fields of the company's activities
  • Conducting continuous research and development and keeping the company up to date in terms of knowledge and technology
  • Collaborate with various public and private organizations to establish and improve intelligent systems
  • Using the experiences of partner organizations and companies to improve the quality of services provided

holding educational courses

  • Holding a training course on load and energy estimation calculations for the employees of Tabriz Power Distribution Company
  • Holding an RTU workshop in a professional technical building
  • Seminar on solutions to reduce energy consumption in office buildings
  • Consumption Pattern Modification Management Seminar
  • Seminar on solutions to reduce consumption in power stations

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