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Smart House

Smart home and home automation systems save energy, protect and safe people and equipment, reduce overhead costs and improve management and comfort of people in residential spaces, thereby increasing work efficiency. Meganir and HDL partners all over Iran with quality and up-to-date equipment in the world and also according to the amount requested by the customer has implemented the intelligent building system in their homes and has caused the satisfaction of its customers as much as possible. Also, providing security for homes when there is no landlord, lighting and audio and video facilities with modern control panels, providing maximum security for the home, automatic irrigation of gardens and traffic control and saving house costs are just some of the facilities. Which gives you smart home. With smart systems you will be able to control multiple items seamlessly with a smart DLP key or smart remote.

Control the brightness of the room and adjust the brightness based on the luxury of light

Control the hidden light of RGB and change their color to your favorite color

Use ultrasonic presence sensors for security cases or define various scenarios

Automatic control of room ventilation system thermostatically (split, fan coil, underfloor heating, air conditioner, etc.)

Control of the room audio system with Z-BOX or Z-Audio module Curtain control with curtain control motor

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